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A Berry Merry Birthday





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July 11, 2015

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A Berry Merry Birthday is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Sweet decides to let Sour celebrate their Birthday alone after she complains about always sharing it. But Sour soon realizes that she misses Sweet and tries to think of a surprise for her. Can that happen in time?

Episode Review

The girls are busy recording something when Sour comes in to deliver the drinks and snacks the twins made for them during break. She stops to watch as they finish playing music while Apple combines it with the video, then she explains that with Strawberry's birthday passing, they are working on combining things to turn it into a video and post on the Berrynet. They have been working on it for a while now, but Strawberry keeps laughing - effectively ruining the mood and recording, since she hasn't been able to finish it yet.

With that the girls resume their recording. Strawberry explains in the narration how the girls surprised her on the day of her birthday. They gave her a breakfast in bed, then they went out to play games. As the clips play, Strawberry points out that they do this for everyone's birthday, in order to ensure they have the best day ever.

As Sour watches the various activities the girls do on her birthday, she feels happy. They play sports, do her nails, bake for her instead of making her work, and give her presents. But as they are reaching the final part, involving the girls' slumber party that soon turned into a pillow fight, Strawberry ends up laughing again. She has to force herself to calm down while they watch the clip, then she quickly attempts to finish. While observing this, Sour comments that she would like to have a great birthday like this, but she doesn't really have all the fun one person does - since she has to share it with Sweet.

With recording over for now, the girls head over to the table Sour set up. Now somewhat depressed, she begins to leave as they thank her for bringing the food. She gives them a dismissive hand wave in return, but it doesn't really go noticed until later that evening. While packing their items the girls watch over the video and they are joined by Sweet, who came to see the video. Apple shows it to her and Sour comes by to grab the items from earlier. Sweet wants Sour to look, but she bitterly remarks that she already did, confusing her twin. 

Strawberry and the girls join the trio by the front and Sweet compliments how kind everyone was to her for her birthday. Strawberry brings up that she knows the twins own birthday is approaching, but stops upon seeing how glum Sour is. After Sour takes off, the girls resume discussion, with Strawberry telling Sweet that all they will need to do is determine what they want for their birthday and make invitations, they will do the rest of the work. Right away Sweet has an idea as to what Sour would like, and brings it up; only for Apple to claim she knows what Sour really wants. This confuses the girls until she explains what Sour said to her earlier. As she starts by saying she wants a birthday all her own, the girls are appalled by her lack of tact and try to stop Apple, but she doesn't notice. Sweet asks to hear more, and Apple recalls the other various comments made by Sour.

By now, Sweet is feeling sad and she leaves while the other girls express their shock. After she leaves they are quick to confront Apple for what she said, but she claims that she didn't know it was supposed to be a secret, since Sour didn't tell her. Strawberry explains that just because someone doesn't say something is a secret, it doesn't mean that it should just be openly spoken to others. Apple doesn't really understand, and admits that she spent a month on an island where nothing was kept a secret, and she asks how to know what not to say and what to so. Strawberry admits that this is a difficult subject in general, and none of the girls are upset with her since she really didn't know any better.

At the Berry Bitty Cafe, Sweet and Sour avoid each other for a few minutes until Sweet asks to discuss the birthday. Right away Sour bluntly points out her annoyance at sharing a birthday, so Sweet decides to reveal her present early. She will give Sour a birthday to call her own. While confused at first, Sour assumes that Sweet is just playing a trick on her until she explains it in better detail. To make Sour happy, she will see to it that everything focuses on Sour, and she will not celebrate her own birthday at all. Delighted by this plan, Sour embraces Sweet; but from outside, Apple fears that she caused the twins to get into a fight - due to all of Sour's happy screams.

Invited to Sour's birthday.
The next day, Sour runs to Orange Mart to get her invitations sent. She asks Jadeybug to hurry up since the birthday is tomorrow, but in the process she winds up getting the mail stamped and sent to the postman bumblebee within seconds. The bee takes off, only to return when Sour mentions that it he forgot to give Orange her own invitation.

Later, Plum, Apple, and Cherry meet up at the Cafe to discuss the party. Sour has many things planned, but they are confused since Sweet isn't mentioned at all. They question this upon spotting her, and she observes the invitation before revealing her plans. This was intentional, because she refuses to celebrate her birthday this year. While surprised, the girls are moved by her kind gesture.

She gives Strawberry a call a bit later and Strawberry responds the same way the other girls did. She is joined by Apple, who still feels down over what occurred - believing herself to be partially responsible for it. Strawberry assures her that this isn't the case though, and attempts to make her feel better by telling her to think about the fun things that they will do during the party. While Apple continues to stress, she calms down after realizing that she can discuss this, since Strawberry did get an invitation after all. 

Hair styles
The next day, the birthday arrives. The girls get Sour and they go out to play and hang out, to do the same things the others did with Strawberry for her birthday. They play badminton and croquet, where they allow Sour to win the games to ensure she has fun. Then they go on to the beach to serve her and give her various things she wishes for, such as her favorite sandwich and something to drink. Sour begins to feel down, and while the girls notice it, she claims she is fine after they ask. With that she heads over to Lemon Salon but struggles to decide on what she wants done with her hair. The same repeats at the Fresh Fashions Boutique as she is unable to decide on a hat offered to her.

At the cafe, Apple runs inside to find Strawberry and the others baking and decorating for Sour's party. Apple has something to say but she worries about speaking, as she doesn't know if she should or not until Strawberry convinces her that it will be fine. Apple admits that Sour confided in her earlier, saying that the more they did for her, the more unhappy she got. While concerned, Strawberry is happy to know that Apple told her this, and she recalls Sweet's request from the night before, so she runs out to grab some reinforcements for help perking Sour up. 

She gets Sour and the others and they watch the Berrykins play for a while, and at first this seems to work. But as Sour suddenly brings up Sweet, she starts to feel down again. This depressed mood continues as Strawberry and Sour go out to ride on some rabbits, and Strawberry points out that while Sour can claim she feels fine, she can tell that she isn't. Sour slowly admits that she is sad, then asks for Strawberry to lend her a hand back at the Cafe. Strawberry agrees and they head back over.

Elsewhere, Plum is busy hanging out with Sweet when she realizes the time. She prepares to go, but feels really bad for just leaving Sweet, since she wasn't invited to Sour's party. She apologizes, somewhat awkwardly but Sweet claims it to be fine since she chose to do this and came up with the plan on her own. Plum is touched by her kindness but this just makes her more angry, since she feels that Sour could have at least invited Sweet to the party. Sweet claims it to be fine though, and reminds her to get changed and head over, so that she isn't late. Before she can go, they get a surprise visit from Apple. She has to tell the girls something, but because of something else she was supposed to keep quiet, she accidentally worries she will mix them up and just ruin everything. The girls attempt to guess whatever it is, in hopes of helping her, and by the time Apple recalls, she reveals to Sweet that she has been invited to the Party after all. But she refuses to say anymore and takes off while talking to herself, leaving Plum and Sweet confused as they listen to her chatter.

At the Party location, Sweet and Plum arrive. Sweet is surprised to see how everything is decorated for her and not Sour, and she tries to tell them they need to hurry up and change it. She spots the cake nearby, and comments on how it isn't like the cake Sour likes, but Sour appears and wishes her a Happy Birthday. Sweet is confused until Sour admits that she felt lonely without Sweet, and even when the girls tried to make her happy, it didn't mean much without her. Sweet is touched by her sisters kind gesture and together, the girls celebrate their birthday with the other berry girls wishing them a Happy Birthday.


  • Apple learns the importance of keeping some things a secret, even if it isn't identified as one right away. Even though it is better to be honest, some things are meant to be kept in private. Throughout the episode, Apple struggles trying to determine what she can say and what she cannot.
  • Sour learns that sometimes, sharing is better than having something solely. Once she got a birthday like she always desired, she realized that she missed Sweet and spending time with.


  • (Sour comes to Plum's studio, carrying a basket of food)
  • Sour: Alright, Sweet Beats! Got a Cucumber Cooler, Yam Surprise, Cantaloupe Chips, side o' slaw, two sides o' slaw, and one Chopped Celery Cup.


  • Strawberry: Uh-oh! Sweet made me promise to make Sour's birthday perfect! I'm glad you told me Apple! Time to call for reinforcements.


  • Sweet: Sour, can I talk to you about your birthday?
  • Sour: (sourly) You mean OUR birthday. I have this condition called "twin sister", in case you haven't noticed.
  • Sweet: Not this year.
  • Sour: What do you mean?
  • Sweet: This year I'm giving you an early birthday present.
  • Sour: (rolls her eyes upward) Oh... please, don't let it be matching jumpsuits again.
  • Sweet: No, no. My present to you this year is a birthday all your own.
  • Sour: Say that again?
  • Sweet: This year I'm giving up celebrating my birthday, so you can have the day for yourself.
  • Sour: Is this like that time you found 10,001 knock-knock jokes on the Berryweb and thought they were so funny, you read them to me for eleven hours straight?
  • Sweet: This is no joke. Your party, your presents, your birthday.
  • Sour: (smiles) For real?
  • Sweet: For real.
  • Sour: (excitedly) YES!
  • (Sour hugs Sweet and they jump up and down joyfully)


  • Apple: (saddened) This is all my fault. I only I hadn't blabbed...
  • Strawberry: But Sweet wants to do it.
  • Apple: Sure, but only 'cause I spilled the cheese...
  • Strawberry: Spilled the... cheese?
  • Apple: Yeah, you know, let the cat out of the hat...
  • Strawberry: Do you mean (giggles) let the cat out of the bag?
  • Apple: Yeah, yeah. That's what Plum said, and she's right, I guess. Aw... in Berry Blamy Bayou they say "let the nuts out of the shell". Hard to keep these difference customs straight.
  • Strawberry: Well, that's all water under the bri...
  • Apple: Chimney! Bridge? On Very Berry Island they say "chimney".
  • Strawberry: It's just an expression.


  • (final scene: Sweet and Plum arrive at the café)
  • Sweet: Oh guys. What is this?
  • Plum: Uh... a birthday party's decorations?
  • Sweet: Oh yeah. But they're my favourite colors not Sour's. (hears a classical music in the café) Oh guys! This isn't the music she likes! We've gotta change it!
  • Strawberry: Wait. Wanna cut the cake?
  • Sweet: Sour's the birthday girl. She gets to do that.
  • Sour: Will you do it Sweet?
  • Sweet: Oh Sour. Happy Birthday! Okay, I'll do it if you want me to.
  • (Sweet cuts the cake and takes a slice of cake)
  • Sweet: Oh-oh. This is Angel's Food Cake. Sour doesn't like this kind of cake. It's my favourite.
  • Sour: Because it's your party. I'm giving you birthday back to. Everybody did wonderful things to make my birthday perfectת but... something was missing. It was my sister. I guess it wasn't a birthday without ya.
  • Sweet: There's still a plenty birthday left today. Let's share it together.
  • Girls: Happy Birthday Sweet and Sour!


  • Sour believes that having a twin sister is a "condition".
  • This is the first episode of the season where Cherry and Plum get actual speaking lines.
  • Huckleberry makes no appearance in this episode, nor do the pets. 
  • The episode has a first person view.
  • It is revealed that Sour's favorite sandwich is bok choy and mustard, and her favorite sport is trail riding.
  • It reveals that Sweet:
    • Got Sour matching jumpsuits.
    • Found 10,001 knock-knock jokes on the Berryweb and thought they were so funny, and read them to Sour for eleven hours straight.
    • Likes angel food cake. 
  • It appears "Strawberry and the Sweet Beats" band made a comeback in this episode.

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