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A Basket of Blue Berries
A basket of blueberries



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May 4, 2013

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A Basket of Blue Berries is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures


The girls are having their masquerade ball for the opening of the dog park. Unfortunately, Blueberry gets sick, so Raspberry and Lemon pretend to be her at the same time.

Episode Review

The girls are busy preparing their dog park for the upcoming masquerade ball. They invite Huckleberry, who at first refuses because of his fear of dancing, but then Blueberry promises to be at his side the whole time to make sure no one asks him to dance so he changes his mind. Unfortunately, Blueberry gets sick.

So Lemon and Raspberry, worrying that Huckleberry will be disappointed due to Blueberry's absence, pretend to be Blueberry themselves. They both wear a wig and a blue gown.

Strawberry visits Blueberry. She brings a batch of BeBetterBerry tea. Blueberry drinks it and soon feels better.

That night, Lemon first came and talk to Strawberry, then Raspberry, and when they heard that Huckleberry is already there, they both excuse themselves and put on their disguise
Orange, Plum and Strawberry in ball gowns
s. They didn't know that Blueberry was also there. Huckleberry, Scouty and Blueberry were there and Huck thinks the park looked like a cool place for a mystery story setting, like a jewel heist at the masquerade ball mystery. Blueberry decides to go and get a pad of paper to write down the ideas, but Huckleberry said she promised to never leave him alone. Raspberry and Lemon try their best to make him feel like she is there.

And because of that Blueberry and Huckleberry had a misunderstanding. Just then, Berrykin Bruce thinks that

What are they up to?

Huckleberry is plotting to steal Princess Berrykin's tiara. His suspicion increases when he notices that Berrykin Ed and Berrykin Earl are sneaking around, carrying a large wooden crate, so he traps Huckleberry in a net. Lemon and Raspberry didn't know they were both disguising, and they accidentally been in a same place. Fortunately, Strawberry thinks of a plan. She asks Scouty to sniff who is the real Blueberry but Scouty goes on a different path and finds Blueberry crying because of what happened. Lemon and Raspberry follow them and surprised to see the real Blueberry, they apologized. The episode ends with the fireworks, which is the "berry top secret".


  • (Strawberry enters Blueberry's house, carrying a tray with a teapot and a cup)
  • Strawberry: Blueberry, how are you feeling?
  • Blueberry: (sneezes) I've felt... (sneezes) worse, but I... (sneezes) I can't remember when.
  • Strawberry: This should help.
  • (Strawberry offers Blueberry a cup of tea)
  • Strawberry: A fresh-brewed batch of BeBetterBerry Tea. Drink some and you'll be berry better berry soon. Always works for me.
  • (Blueberry drinks, and immediately feels better)


  • Berrykin Bruce: (gasps) AN INSIDE JOB!




  • Strawberry: What's going on?


  • Berrykin Bruce: YOU'RE IN ON IT TOO STRAWBERRY?!?! Oh, the shame of it.
  • (Strawberry laughs)
  • Berrykin Ed: We're ready to go. Press the button, Earl.


  • Berrykin Bruce: Ed and Earl? Those guys are supposed to be making sure the lanterns don't run out of Sparkleberry juice. If they're shirking their work...



  • This is the first time that Princess Berrykin wears a different tiara.
  • Huckleberry could have seen through Lemon and Raspberry's disguises, had he been more observant: each of them was accompanied by a puppy that was not Scouty, and each offered him a cake which was not blueberry-flavored.
  • Mr. Longface makes a cameo in this episode. He is seen enjoying the ball.